The Birth of Ascend by Ronit - The Brand

Three years ago I got divorced. Divorced life is not a linear process. The road to divorce, the road to healing and building a new life is a long and curvy one. It's been almost three years since my divorce. Hard to believe. I haven't gone back to read some of my earlier personal journal entries - I am not ready to just yet. I am where I am today, in this moment and I don't want to relive the pain, the disappointment and the devastation I felt then. I have healed and somehow all of that pain seems like a lifetime ago. My kids are doing much better and so am I. 
As I continue to pursue and build the life of my dreams - a new passion has taken hold. Jewelry design and production. It all began rather organically.
I made myself a pair of earrings two summers ago. I call the summer of 2016 my summer of ASCENSION, my summer of LOVE and EVOLUTION. My first divorced summer. My summer in Rome, my first Burning Man and new flourishing love. I concluded that summer feeling so alive, so full of newness and hope for the endless possibilities that my future had in store. I was proud of myself and how brave I had been. Leaving my seemingly perfect life to start a new one was not easy to do. I did it. I survived and I was ready to thrive. Out with the old and in with the new. I shed myself of the possessions I had that symbolized the old life. I didn't want those fancy diamonds anymore - I wanted to wear something that was symbolic of the new path I was on. To me jewelry represents memories. Captured moments in time. I was ready to make new memories. I searched high and low for earrings that I could feel dangling off of my ears. That was my vision. Each movement would remind me of the steps that I had taken to arrive to that moment. 
After searching high and low and coming up empty handed I thought that the only other option there was left was to do was to do it myself. I made myself the gold hoop earrings of my dreams and I wore them everywhere so that I could capture the summer even in winter. Soon people started asking me where I bought those earrings, so I offered to sell them off of my ears. One after another - a passion for jewelry design was born. 
Stay tuned.....