The Challenge and Benefit of Working from Home

I am one of the blessed few that has the ability to work from home. I get to pursue my passion and my craft from the comfort of my home office. Working from home is wonderful because it offers me the flexibility I need being a full time mom - half the time ( I share custody with my ex). Yet, as wonderful as it is, I find it to be very challenging. There are always distractions like the dishes and laundry, not to mention my already adult onset ADD that keeps me from my desk. A recent addition is the new couch in my family room. It's comfortably stiff. Now I can work from the couch too. And then there is the added layer of not needing to get dressed or brush my hair before I get to work. 

I find on the days that I am up early in the mornings and I head to the gym, yoga or Soul Cycle - I am able to be far more productive. I workout, come home, get showered and dressed in my work attire and start my day. Getting dressed in work clothing, even while at home is a game changer. I feel different, more professional and in turn more productive.

Like most other things in life I think that finding a rhythm takes time. The past three years have been challenging and filled with one change after another. My divorce was my full time job for a while - and that meant not getting out of bed some days. 

Life is settled now and renewed focus has set in. Now I have to get off the couch and into my office.